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CES 2020 – The biggest technology event

CES 2020 – Consumer Electronics Show, considered to be the biggest technology event, took place between January 7 and 10 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. It was estimated that around 170,000 visitors from 160 countries passed through this event to discover the latest innovations in the technological world.

We announce the main areas addressed at this event:

Services–There is a huge expansion of services across the technology industry. Apps for delivery services and private transport are just a few examples where there could be new developments in 2020.

Smart Things Voice assistants like Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant, as well as Google’s new Nest Hub Max and technologies like Ultra Sense, make homes, cars and offices increasingly smart.

Health and well-being –Technologies that help us sleep and eat better, as well as exercise, have been the category with the greatest expansion at CES, as more and more people turn to these applications to help them in their daily lives.

Privacy and safety –There have been several warnings about the way companies use their users’ data. CES has warned about the way companies market their products in order to maintain greater data protection.

StreamingThere are more and more streaming services, with CES devoting 2 of the 8 talks to them, namely Quibi and NBC Universal focusing on the Peacock streaming service that will launch later this year.

5G Scenarios –CES focused on this theme, addressing everyday scenarios that will change due to 5G. This will usher in new eras in healthcare, public safety, transport and energy.

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