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COVID-19: can working remotely be a risk?

Covid-19 is now responsible for a change in the way of working of companies all over the world, that by sending their employees home, they started to telework.

This change comes in the sense of trying to slow down the virus propagation, however, it is necessary to take into account that some security measures should be adopted.

Telework is a growing trend, which ends up being an advantage for organisations because it allows keeping their employees in production while, at the same time, being protected. However, when adopting this way of working, there may be some risks. It is therefore necessary for organisations to verify to what extent access by employees to their corporate systems is effectively secure, given that the devices work outside the internal network infrastructure and connect to other Wi-Fi networks.

Coronavirus virus

In this sense, Kaspersky is one of the companies concerned with reducing the cybersecurity threats that exist in the remote working option and makes the following recommendations:

  • Provide a VPN (Virtual Private Network) in order to ensure that teams connect securely to the company’s network;
  • Protect the various devices used – mobile phones, laptops and tablets – with appropriate security software;
  • Keep the operating systems and applications up-to-date, always running the most recent updates;
  • The connection to the company network should be restricted, i.e., users’ access rights should be limited;
  • Understand whether employees are aware of the various dangers involved, such as those associated with replying to unsolicited messages.


Kaspersky reported at the end of the first month of the year that malicious files disguised as pdf, mp4 and docxdocuments had been detected. These files appeared with names related to coronavirus and contained protection advice against the disease, updates on threats and virus detection procedures, but were in fact the vehicle for a series of threats such as trojansand wormscapable of deleting, blocking or copying data and interfering with the operation of computers and their networks.




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