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Digital Transformation and Transition in Pandemic Times

The year 2020 has been a particular year for all sectors of our society because of Covid-19. Can we say that everything has been negative?

One of the aspects that we can consider as most positive during these months in Portugal, has been the acceleration of the processes of transition and digital transformation that until then were blocked by complex bureaucratic processes that hindered and delayed this type of evolution.

Until earlier this year, the Portuguese government had ambitious plans for digital transition and transformation. However, we can say that this pandemic was largely driven by the great and fast evolution that occurred over the last months, leading to these plans now being even more ambitious than initially planned.


The aim is thus to take Portugal to be the European leader in digital transition. Companies, especially those holding projects involving digital transformation and transition processes, were required to present technological solutions that would allow this progress to be made faster and more efficiently, in a shorter period of time.

Some of the examples that can be presented as innovative and that mark this fast transition are, for example, the possibility of very soon being able to renew our citizen’s card through an ATM terminal or, for example, the displacements to public entities now being made through schedules, avoiding the great floods and the long delays in this type of services.

Another great change that the pandemic brought to our current reality was the growing trend of teleworking and the readaptation of companies to this modality, which implies having contact with technologies that they didn’t use usually or very often.


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