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Graphics card shortage with no end in sight

It’s no news that the electronic components market has been experiencing a stock crisis for some time now, and graphics cards are one of the most affected resources. There are some theories to explain the phenomenon and among them is, of course, the pandemic.

With the appearance of Covid-19, people were forced to stay at home for longer, which motivated a greater investment in electronic equipment.

At the same time, many companies were forced to close their doors or limit access to their factories, which compromised the manufacturing of these components and, consequently, their availability in the market.

There is, however, another factor that has been pointed out as one of the major causes of this crisis, and that is mining.

Scenarios like this are increasingly common all over the world and at its origin is the rise in value of cryptocurrencies and the profitability that users obtain through the practice of mining blocks. The more devices are connected simultaneously, the greater the return for users, which justifies this increase in demand for graphics cards.
However, the imbalance between demand and supply has caused some equipment to increase in value by up to 300% compared to its market price.

In order to ease the situation, Nvidia, one of the largest manufacturers of graphic cards worldwide, has sought to develop specific solutions for mining but admitted that this crisis may still last until the end of this year..


Nvidia confirma que a escassez de GPUs ainda vai durar durante a grande parte de 2021

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