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Quantum Radar – The first Prototype

Physicists from the Austrian Institute of Science and Technology (IST Austria) have developed the first prototype quantum radar that uses a new type of technology called microwave quantum illumination, which occurs through quantum entanglement as a method of detecting objects at a distance. This concept consists of a phenomenon where two particles remain connected and share physical traits regardless of their distance from each other.

Source: IST Áustria/Philip Krantz

This prototype was the result of research by a group led by Professor Johannes Fink, of IST Austria, together with Stefano Pirandola, of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and New York University and David Vitali of the University of Camarino, in Italy.Quantum radar prototype

Contrary to what happens with traditional radars, this model offers greater sensitivity in that it allows distinguishing the radiation emitted by the object under analysis from the remaining radiation present in the environment where the study takes place, which translates into more conclusive results.

This technology is seen as promising mainly for ultra-low power biomedical imaging scanners, where the object to be detected may be at room temperature, with no need for biopsies.

There are also those who believe that this project may eliminate the invisible aircraft technology, also constituting an added value in the security area.

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