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RRP: Digital Transformation

Due to the consequences that the pandemic brought to the economy, the European Council created a set of measures which includes the RRP (Recovery and Resilience Plan). This plan, which runs until 2026, aims to resume economic growth in Portugal and the funds will be divided into three main areas: resilience (61%), climate transition (21%) and digital transition (18%).

This last pillar seeks to make the economy more digital, and is therefore based on five components: Companies 4.0; Quality and Sustainability of Public Finances; Economic Justice and Business Environment; Public Administration – Capacity Building; Digitalization and Interoperability and Cybersecurity; and Digital School.
Due to the focus that Think Attitude has on the IT area, we will look in more detail at the Companies 4.0 component.

Companies 4.0

Companies 4.0

This component seeks to strengthen the digital skills of employees, modernize business models, create new digital marketing channels, incorporate disruptive technologies in the companies’ value proposition and stimulate digital entrepreneurship in order to accelerate the digital transition of the Portuguese business fabric.

Totalling 650 million euros, this initiative includes three investment vectors: Digital empowerment of enterprises (€100 million) It provides for the creation of two interlinked training programmes, which aim to address gaps in the digital skills of workers and companies.

Digital transition of businesses (€450 million) Seeks to digitalise and transform the business models of Portuguese SMEs through the acceleration and automation of decision-making and execution, the redesign of value and supply chains and the use of cross-sector data spaces, supported by European cloud and edge computing infrastructures.

Catalysing the digital transition of businesses (€100 million) It aims to reduce the use of paper by dematerialising invoicing, create a more secure and reliable digital business environment and stimulate the development of knowledge transfer structures to stimulate the development of digital products and services.


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