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The 15 skills that are going to be fundamental for the labour market.

On 20 October 2020 the “Future of Jobs Report 2020” was released, a report advanced by the World Economic Forum. This report seeks to clarify the impacts of the pandemic on the labour market in 2020, contextualised by the long history of economic cycles we have already experienced, and also what the future prospects are regarding the adoption of technology, employmentand skills for the next five years.

Thus, it was created a top15 skills that will be fundamental for the labour market in 2025, where the adoption of new technologies has a significant weight.

While some of these skills have remained consistent since 2016, namely critical thinking and problem solving, new skills such as resilience, stress tolerance, flexibility and active learning are now considered fundamental.

Top 10 Skills 2025

Analytical thinking and innovation

Active learning and learning strategies, Complex problem solving

Critical thinking and analysis

Creativity, originality and initiative, Leadership and social influence

Technology use, monitoring and control

Technology design and programming

Resilience, stress tolerance and flexibility

Source: Future of Jobs Report 2020, Word Economic Forum

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