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The necessary tools that ensure the productivity of teams

We are currently living a crisis scenario with the arrival of the pandemic caused by the new Coronavirus. This crisis has produced effects on the way we work and many companies, on a global scale, have telecommuted their employees. Therefore, it becomes crucial to make the digital experience of these employees better, as well as having access to the necessary equipment for the proper execution of their work.

There are several indicators that show that organizations that invest in these two features get more dedicated teams, competitive and able to achieve positive results at various levels, ultimately producing positive effects also for the business results. Thus, and according to some experts, the companies that will be better equipped for teleworking are those that have digital workplaces provided with some features that are essential to a better performance.

Liferay experts point out five capabilities of digital workplaces that help employees perform their tasks more efficiently and promote motivation and satisfaction at the same time.


Content management and collaboration skills: have technology with functionalities that enable the creation of knowledge bases, facilitate content creation and exchange, as well as departmental and interdepartmental collaboration with videoconferencing systems, chats, discussion forums or wikis.

Personalisation of the worker experience: make it easier to find information in order to reduce search time, through automatic personalisation of content based on behaviour.

Management of access to information based on profiles: maintain a continuous security system in access to information through correct management of identity and access control to the intranet.

Content search: having a search engine at employees’ disposal that allows them to access information in a faster and more agile manner, enabling them to filter and sort results and customize their classifications, will have an impact on team productivity and employee satisfaction levels.

Ecosystem integration: integrate all the aforementioned tools with the company’s other systems, which will allow the employee to have a unified experience and make the most of the investments previously made by the company in the various technologies.


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